Mufti says time not ripe to revoke AFSPA, defends Armys counter FIR in Shopian incident
February 02, 2018  18:27
Jammu-Kashmir Chief Minister Mehooba Mufti on Friday said that situation at present was not ripe for revocation of Armed Forces Special Powers Act in the state. 

Mufti justified the registration of a counter FIR by army in Shopian incident, saying that it is intact version of the troops to its firing in which three civilians have been killed. It is part of the FIR registered against army on the first day, she said, adding that we have to listen to both the sides before taking any action.

We want to reduce footprints of police and security forces in the Valley, but can it happen in a situation when people in hundreds come out to attack security forces during encounters with militants, she asked while winding up up discussion on grants to Home Department in the Legislative Assembly. The footprints and powers of the police and security forces are increasing with the increase in bloodshed and violence in the state, she added.

She described Indian army as most displined force in the wold, saying that It made sacrifices creating a situation that we all have reached the assembly. She also called upon the mainstream political parties to reach out to the people for restoration of peace.
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