Indrani Mukerjea to be taken to Delhi for money-laundering case
February 02, 2018  18:58
Indrani Mukerjea, Accused No 1 in the Sheena Bora murder trial, will be taken to Delhi by flight on February 5 in connection with the INX money-laundering case against her in which former finance minister P Chidambaram's son, Karti, is also being investigated, reports Savera Someshwar/   

Her custody, for this duration, will shift from the Mumbai CBI to the Delhi CBI. In this context, Indrani had requested permission for some additional clothes, which were delivered to her in a purple suitcase.   

Today's hearing, which began nearly 45 minutes late, looked at four applications filed by the defence.   

The court approved the production of the actual Karbonn brand phone used by the driver, Accused No 3 turned approver, Shyamwar Rai, whose long deposition and cross-examination was recently completed in this case.   Airtel's nodal officer, Manoj Patil, finally handed over Rai's Call Data Records in a CD. The CDRs have been a matter of contention, with the defence arguing that the records had been tampered with (See here).   

Two more applications, submitted at the last hearing, continue to remain pending before the court, as replies are awaited from the prosecution.   These include the defence's demand for the log book of the Sumo van driven by the cops who arrested Rai. The same van was used by the police to go to Pen, where Sheena Bora's remains were discovered.   

They also want access to the CDRs of the mobile phones used by Ganesh Dalvi, part of the police team which arrested Rai and the prosecution's first witness, and Dinesh Kadam, the investigating officer in the case.

Illustration: Dominic Xavier/
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