After the storm: 41 teams of NDRF clean up Kerala
August 22, 2018  10:36
With flood water receding in most of the affected areas, flood-ravaged Kerala is struggling to return to normalcy. As per the India Meteorological Department forecast, no heavy rainfall is expected in the state for the next few days.

A total of 41 teams of National Disaster Response Force are still deployed in Kerala to assist the state administration in rescue, relief and rehabilitation work and to respond in emergency situations.

On Tuesday, NDRF teams deployed in Idukki, Kottayam, and Pathanamthitta evacuated 122 persons. Besides, they distributed relief materials in the flood-affected areas of Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta.

In addition, the NDRF also provided medical assistance to the sick persons in inundated areas of Kerala. Medical teams have been set up in Alappuzha and Thrissur where so far aid has been provided to 104 people.

Ever since the beginning of the crisis, the NDRF has rescued 535 lives, evacuated 24,616 marooned people, rescued 119 livestock and provided pre-hospital treatment to the 4908 people.

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