New I-Day task for police: Keeping stray kites away from PM
August 14, 2018  09:33
A hundred police personnel will have their eyes on the sky on Wednesday morning all looking out for any errant kite that may disturb the prime ministers Independence Day address. 

Taking a lesson from the previous two years once last year when a black kite landed near the podium during Prime Minister Narendra Modis address at the Red Fort, and earlier in 2016 when a kite was seen above the ramparts before the address began the Delhi Police this year have decided to deploy kite catchers who will keep an eye on flying kites near the venue on Wednesday.

While the restriction on any kind of flying object is imposed every year as a precautionary measure to avoid any untoward incident, this is for the first time that personnel have been deployed to check for kites.

The Delhi Police has restricted kite-flying till 11 am around Red Fort on Independence Day.
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