This madrasa in Gorakhpur teaches Sanskrit
April 10, 2018  10:14
In Yogi Adityanath's Goarakhpur, Sanskrit, among other subjects, is being being taught at the Darul Uloom Husainia madrasa.

The Principal of the madrasa told ANI, 'It's a modern madrasa under the UP Education board and subjects like English, Hindi, Science, Maths and Sanskrit are taught here. They are also taught Arabic."

The students of the madrasa added,"We feel good to learn Sanskrit. Our teachers teach and explain things very well. Even our parents help us in learning."

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has maintained that he did not favour the closure of madrasas but saw the need for modernisation of madrasas and Sanskrit Vidyalayas in the state.

Closing down madrasas is not a  solution. Only quality education is the solution, Adityanath said, adding that the need of the hour was to equip students of Islamic and Sanskrit institutions with modern education so that they could face the cut-throat competition in the world.
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