7 Indians among 15 killed in Kuwait bus collision
April 02, 2018  08:43
Seven Indians were among 15 oil workers killed on Sunday in a head-on collision between two buses in southern Kuwait, Kuwaiti officials said.
The Kuwait Fire Service Directorate put the death toll at 15.
It said the two buses collided head-on thus causing the high casualty figure, KUNA news agency reported.
Firefighters rushed to the scene to rescue the injured.
One of them was taken by an ambulance and the other by air to hospital.
The firefighters had immediately intervened to help four individuals who were trapped in the wreckage of mangled metal.
The Kuwait Oil Company said the buses were transporting employees of contracting firms that work for the company when the accident occurred near Burgan oil field.
Seven of the victims were Indians, five Egyptians, three Pakistanis, in addition to two who were injured -- one Indian and the other Kuwaiti. -- PTI
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