Wasn't ready to run for prez against reality TV candidate: Clinton
September 16, 2017  20:24
Nearly 10 months after her shocking defeat at the hands of President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has said that she was not ready or equipped to run for the White House against a reality television star.

The former Democratic presidential candidate said she had an agenda of development, but possibly there were no takers.

"I take running for president and being president really seriously. I really wasn't ready or equipped to run for president against a reality TV candidate," Clinton said. 

It maybe the toughest job in the world, the 69-year-old former US Secretary of State, said.

"I knew that there was unfinished business from the successful two terms of president Obama, whom I had served, but that we needed to go further on the economy, on health care, and so much else," she said.

"I really prepared and I prepared wanted I to say, how I would defend what I wanted to do. It turned out that was very hard to communicate. It was a time when an empty podium got more broadcast minutes than all of the policies that I was putting forth," she said.
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