Indian priest says Yemeni captors did him no physical harm
September 16, 2017  18:20
A Catholic priest from India who was freed after being held 18 months in Yemen said Saturday that he was never physically harmed during his
captivity, even if his captors feigned hitting him on videos seeking ransom. 

Officials said they had no knowledge of ransom having been paid.

The Rev Tom Uzhunnalil was kidnapped from a home for senior citizens in Aden, southern Yemen, established by Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity in March 2016. Four nuns were killed during the attack. Uzhunnalil's voice broke as he publicly expressed his condolences.

"I thank God almighty for this day. He saved me healthy enough. Clear mind. Emotions under control until now," the 59 -year-old Uzhunnalil said. "God has been extremely kind to me. No gun was pointed at me."

He said that when the home for senior citizens was attacked, he identified himself as an Indian and he was brought to another room "while they killed the others."
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