Babri Masjid case's chief litigant Mahant Bhaskar Das is dead
September 16, 2017  11:32
Mahant Bhaskar Das, the chief litigant in the Ram Janmbhoomi-Babri Masjid case and the sarpanch mahant (chief priest) of the Nirmohi Akhada in Ayodhya, died on Saturday. He was 89.

With his death, both the chief litigants in the case from the Hindu and Muslim sides have passed away. Hashim Ansari, the oldest litigant in the case, died at the age of 95 in July 2016. 

Though Ansari and Bhaskar Das were rival litigants, the close and cordial friendship between them was just famous as their status of being litigants.

Bhaskar Das, who was unwell for a long time, was taken to the Harshan Heart Institute in Faizabad on Wednesday night after having severe breathing problems. He breathed his last around 3 am on Saturday.
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