Our ties depend on Pak's action against terror safe havens: Tillerson
October 23, 2017  22:21
United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said that he has 'made specific requests from Pakistan to undermine the support Taliban and other terror orginations receive in the country'.

During his surprise visit to Kabul, Tillerson said, "Pak needs to take a clear view of situation they are confronted with in terms of number of terror organisaions that find safe haven inside its boundaries."

"We want to work closely with Pakistan to create a more stable and secure Pakistan as well," Tillerson said.

"Our relation with Pakistan will also be conditions based, it will be based upon whether they take action that we feel as necessary to move process forward of creating opportunity for reconciliation and peace in Afghanistan and also ensuring stable future for itself," he said.

The Secretary of State said he believes 'India has a very important positive role to play in the process to achieve a peaceful, stable Afghanistan'.

"They (India) are already providing important economic activity, creating jobs, which is important for future Afghanistan," he said.  -- ANI
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