US congrats Bhandari on re-election, but 'opposes' expansion of UNSC veto
November 22, 2017  08:51
The US has congratulated Justice Dalveer Bhandari for his re-election to the ICJ, but asserted that it is against any change in the current veto structure of the UN Security Council, even as it favours a modest expansion of the 15-membered body.

India's Dalveer Bhandari was yesterday re-elected to the International Court of Justice with more than two-thirds of the UN members backing him, forcing Britain to withdraw its candidate amidst high drama in the hard-fought race to the world court.

Responding to questions on reform of the 15-membered apex wing of the world body, a State Department spokesperson said: "The United States remains open in principle to the idea of UN Security Council reform, including a modest expansion of the Security Council.

"We believe a reformed council must reflect the realities of the 21st century and be able to meet the challenges of this century with enhanced -- and not diminished -- effectiveness and efficiency. To this end, we remain opposed to any alteration or expansion of the veto, the spokesperson said. 

-- PTI
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