Press freedom does not include freedom to be factually incorrect: PM
November 06, 2017  12:03
Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the platinum jubilee function of the Tamil newspaper, Daily Thanthi in Chennai. Excerpts from his speech... 

-- Today, newspapers do not just give news. They can also mould our thinking and open a window to the world.

-- In a broader context, media is a means of transforming society. That is why we refer to the media as the fourth pillar of democracy.

-- The then British Government was fearful of the Indian Vernacular Press. It was to muzzle vernacular newspapers, that the Vernacular Press Act was enacted in 1878. 

-- The role of newspapers published in regional languages remains as important today, as it was then.

-- Media must make an extra effort to maintain credibility. Healthy competition among media organisations is healthy for our democracy. 

-- Editorial freedom must be used wisely in public interest. Freedom to write, does not include the freedom to be factually incorrect.

-- Mahatma Gandhi said, The press is called the Fourth Estate. It is definitely a power, but, to misuse that power is criminal."

-- A lot of media discourse today revolves around politics. However, India is more than about just us politicians.  

-- It's the 125 crore Indians, which make India what it is. I would be happy to see media focus a lot more, on their stories and achievements.

-- Natural calamities seem to be occurring with increasing frequency across world. Can media take a lead in battle against climate change?

The PM will also be meeting DMK President M Karunanidhi in Chennai. 
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