Centre accords 'Z' category security to Kashmir interlocutor
November 01, 2017  18:45
The centre has accorded 'Z' category armed security cover to Dineshwar Sharma, the recently appointed special representative on Jammu and Kashmir.
Official sources said Sharma would be secured by commandos of the Central Reserve Police Force whenever he travels to any part of the country.
"Given his work profile, it was essential to provide the special representative a personal security cover. He will have about six to eight commandos with him at any given time," a senior official said.
A pilot and escort vehicle will secure his convoy, he said.
A security review of Sharma's residence in Delhi and analysis of his other requirements are on, and the VIP security team of the CRPF will soon take charge, the official said.
The CRPF has a special unit that provides armed VIP security to about 70 dignitaries at present.
The central government had recently notified the appointment of Sharma, former director of the Intelligence Bureau, as its interlocutor for sustained dialogue on Jammu and Kashmir.
Sharma, an old Kashmir hand in the country's internal intelligence agency, enjoys the rank and status of a cabinet secretary.

Union Home minister Rajnath Singh had said that Sharma would decide whom to engage with for a resolution of the Kashmir issue.  
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