Trump's 'covfefe' tweet spawns the best memes ever!
May 31, 2017  11:47
Speculations amok that US President Donald Trump was punch drunk last night as he typed out a particularly cryptic tweet with a term which has left Twitter in hysterics and baffled at the same time- 'covfefe'. Trump's incoherent tweet, "the constant negative press covfefe", is spewing memes.

Almost instantly after the President's tweet went out, meme's and jibes began flying around wondering what on earth could a 'covfefe' actually mean.

Here are some of the gems that are taking Twitter by storm:

The tweet, sent at 12:06 a.m., was retweeted nearly 10,000 times in one minute and drew ridicule.

Oliver Willis posted a tweet: "And the orb, having bestowed upon you the power to smite your enemies, can be invoked using the simple code word '#covfefe '"

BrooklynDad_Defiant! @mmpadellan I have the best #covfefe.

Lance Hodges @lancehodges Wow, that was quick! #covfefe (wasn't me btw)

the real jonny lim‏ @jlimmy_  Me reading #covfefe tweets and then realizing that is an actual tweet from the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

Christian Becker‏ @TheAmazingBeck  #Covfefe is a pre-existing condition.

DiAndre Matthews‏ @champagnepimpin  To all the people who went to bed early and missed #covfefe shame on you.

Allegra Craver‏ @allegra_craver  "Four score and a million #covfefe memes ago, I was going to go to bed..."

Dante Enriquez‏ @spikesarsenal  Can't wait to see Fox&Friends justify #covfefe. "It's a legitimate shortening of 'coverage' & 'facts.' And now onto the covfefe of the day"

Covfefe‏ @ilieknachos  To err is human, to #covfefe is divine

Hari Kondabolu @harikondabolu  Remember Kids, always use a #covfefe when you have sex.

David‏ @Econ_Dave  The United States is one stroke away from Mike Pence being president and I'm pretty sure it just happened #Covfefe
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