Kerala HC refuses to interfere in cattle slaughter ban
May 31, 2017  16:11
The Kerala High Court has said there is no need for it to interfere with the Centre's ban on cattle sale for slaughter. A PIL seeking the quashing of a notification on a ban on cattle sale for slaughter has been withdrawn after the Kerala HC says there is no constitutional violation in it.

The Kerala High Court on Wednesday observed that there was nothing in the new Central law on cattle trade and slaughter that takes away the rights of people with regard to eating beef.

The public interest petition to this effect filed by Sunil, a Youth Congress activist, came before Chief Justice Navniti Prasad, who said that nothing has been banned as is being spoken about now.

"If anyone reads it properly, the present law prevailing in the country along with the new order that came out none will not have come to this sort of conclusion. There is no ban on slaughter or sale of beef. What has been said in the new order is that mass sale of cattle for slaughter through the cattle market is banned," observed the Chief Justice.

When the advocate general CP Sudhakara Prasad pointed out the ruling of the Madurai bench of the Madras High Court that stayed the new order, the Chief Justice expressed surprise about it.

With the Chief Justice taking a strong stand, the petitioner pointed out that he is withdrawing the petition and the court also agreed. 
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