Bail provisions set to change -- for the better?
May 31, 2017  15:23
The Law Commission of India has released its 268th Report titled 'Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code 1973 -- Provisions relating to bail', writes Abhinav Sekhri in his blog. 

'The report has been in the pipeline for over a year and has provided a draft Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2017 focusing on making changes to the provisions on arrest and bail throughout the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 [CrPC].'   

The recommendations cover 13 broad areas, like arrest, statutory bail and remand, conditions for bail, etc.   

Analysing the recommends, Abhinav concludes that 'it would be misleading to label this report as batting for 'reform'.'   

'It is, frankly, conservative, and only shifts to the front foot while facing run-of-the-mill deliveries. It would be unfortunate if the annexed Amendment Bill is tabled in the upcoming session of parliament without changes. It would be a tragedy if it becomes part of the statute books in its current form,' he says, here
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