Tamil Nadu minister's bizarre logic: Milk from private companies causes cancer
May 25, 2017  18:41
Tamil state minister for dairy development Rajendra Balaji is in the eye of a storm after he made some bizarre comments. Batting for state-run Aavin Enterprises, the minister advised consumers to opt for Aavin as it was healthier. 

Balaji claims that milk sold by private companies is 'cancerous' and causes cancer especially among children.

"Milk sold by private companies is adulterated and that's how it can last for days without getting spoilt. These chemicals used in the milk cause cancer among children. Aavin milk on the other hand is as pure as mother's milk," opined Ravindra Balaji. And he seems to be hinting at action too.

"Companies that are banned in Kerala are allowed to sell this adulterated milk to consumers in Tamil Nadu," the minister added. Now, not only are private entities seeing red over the move, even the aam aadmi is laughing off the statement. With no proof whatsoever, the minister's remarks have been deemed irresponsible and untrue.
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