Meira Kumar's emotional appeal to electoral college for support
June 25, 2017  20:12
Opposition's presidential nominee Meira Kumar on Sunday wrote a letter to the electoral collegium or college seeking support in the presidential elections that is scheduled to take place on July 17.

The electoral college is comprised of members of Parliament and state legislatures and it elects the President.

Asking the members to heed to their 'inner voice of conscience', Meira stated, 'The President takes an oath to 'protect and defend the Constitution' -- the backbone of our democracy. It is this Constitution that I and countless others have invoked to reinforce our democratic values. The Constitution recognises the office of the President as being the final touchstone for the passage of laws. It, therefore, cannot function to serve narrow political interests.'

The former Lok Sabha Speaker and Congress leader further added: 'As an honourable member of the collegiums, you have the unique privilege to make history.Let us stand together, in spirit and action, to affirm our pledge to this sacred process and to that guiding voice within us.' -- ANI
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