Uma Bharti ends 2500-km road trip along the Ganga
June 12, 2017  17:48
Union Minister for Water Resources, Uma Bharti has been on a road trip since May 26 for six days. After her appearance in the Lucknow lower court in the Ram Janmabhoomi case, Uma Bharti began the Ganga Nirikshan Abhiyan covering over 2500 kilometers following the course of the Ganga from Ganga Sagar in West Bengal to Gangotri in Uttaranchal.

She began the journey on May 26 and along the way addressed thousands of people holding Ganga chaupals, meeting officials and interacting with other stakeholders.

Uma Bharti has urged people to refrain from all practices that pollute the Ganga like washing clothes by the banks of the river and dumping solid/liquid waste into the river. Thousands have pledged to keep the river clean.

The minister seldom uses a helicopter as she is scared of its low altitude flying and prefers using a Jeep.

She briefs the Prime Minister soon after the Cabinet meetings are over about her tours and the progress on cleaning of the Ganga.

The Ganga clean-up drive is badly behind schedule with large stretches contaminated by toxic waste and sewage, forcing PM Modi to intervene.

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