Why the BJP is not announcing the dates for monsoon session of Parliament
June 07, 2017  18:25
It is normal practice to have the monsoon session of parliament coinciding with the Presidential polls since MPs can cast their votes in the polls.

But insiders in the Union Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs say they have no intimation so far of the possible dates of the monsoon session of parliament. The presidential poll date announced today, is July 17.

So does it mean that the BJP does not want the session before July, and if yes, why?

Few union ministers of the BJP who are privy to certain decisions of Rajya Sabha chairperson Hamid Ansari which went against the BJP government, say that for the passage of the Women's Reservation Bill, Ansari brought the CRPF inside the Upper House and got the Bill passed. But for GST and other BJP government bills, Ansari quoted the rules of the Rajya Sabha that there should not be a din while it is introduced.

This has obviously irked the ruling dispensation which may be the reason that the government has not yet indicated the commencement of
the monsoon session of Parliament. The BJP may also be keen to have its own Vice President by August 10, 2017 to chair the  Rajya Sabha session.

That is why the BJP government is delaying the dates of the Monsoon session of Parliament.  
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