UP: Hungry goat chews up owner's Rs 66,000
June 07, 2017  19:57
Leaving your pet hungry could cost you dearly, as a farmer in Uttar Pradesh realised the hard way.
Much to the shock of Sarvesh Kumar Pal, his goat chewed up currency notes worth Rs 62,000 kept in the pocket of his trousers while he had gone for a bath.
The incident occurred on Monday in Siluapur village in Talgram area of Kannauj.
Pal had gone to the washroom after putting the money, with which he intended to buy bricks, in his trousers which were kept outside.
But the scene that he came across after he came out to dress got his goat. His hungry pet had already chewed up 31 notes in the denomination of Rs 2,000.
He had kept Rs 66,000 in his pocket and only two notes were left but they too were badly damaged. 

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