Oppn has many deserving candidates for Prez poll: Congress
June 07, 2017  22:24
With the ruling BJP yet to initiate efforts for a consensual presidential nominee, the Congress on Wednesday said that non-NDA parties will make every possible attempt to find "the best person" for India in case the NDA alliance does not reach out to them.
Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said the opposition has made it clear that the BJP-led NDA cannot take the country for granted on the issue and it will put up a concerted fight as it has many "deserving" candidates.
He, however, refused to get into names of possible candidate for the July 17 election. Referring to the convergence in opposition parties over the issue, he noted that a sub-group formed to decide on a consensus presidential
candidate will meet soon. 
The CPI-M, on its part, said it is in discussion with other parties for a person with impeccable secular credentials who can discharge the responsibility as a custodian of the Indian Constitution.
"The intention is clear that there is a concerted effort and you have seen it in many meetings at Chennai and otherwise of a remarkable convergence of all non-NDA parties to try and make it clear that the BJP-NDA cannot take the nation for granted.
"There are many deserving candidates, and if they do not reach out first, these parties will make every possible attempt to find the best person for India," Singhvi said.
The Congress leader said a number of meetings have taken place at the top level to work out the nitty gritty.
The Congress President has been taking up the issue and other parties will also have such interlocutors and people set up soon.
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