Obama-Trudeau had a quiet dinner in Montreal and the Internet went crazy
June 07, 2017  12:05
What happens when the world's two favourite leaders meet up for a casual meal at a diner?

The Internet goes bonkers.

We still can't stop sighing over the bromance between former US president Barack Obama and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and the image of them rolling up their shirt sleeves over an intimate, and quiet dinner in Montreal is all kinds of drool-worthy.

Obama made his first visit to Montreal on Tuesday to give a speech to the Montreal Chamber of Commerce where he spoke about everything from climate change and women's rights to the growing global phenomenon of fake news. Reports say he even tried to speak in broken French.

Soon after, Trudeau posted this picture taken after the event, showing the two leaders deep in conversation in a restaurant. #Squadgoals and #BFFGoals popped up in the comments section of the picture on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

@JustinTrudeau  tweeted the picture saying, "How do we get young leaders to take action in their communities? Thanks @BarackObama for your visit & insights tonight in my hometown."

@ObamaFoundation also announced the former US president's presence in Montreal: Tonight in Montreal, @BarackObama and @JustinTrudeau discussed their shared commitment to developing the next generation of leaders.

Twitter however, wasn't quite so restrained.

@warrenleightTV   thanks. twitter is both driving me insane and keeping me somewhat sane.

@jaymichaels  @JustinTrudeau
can I move to Canada?  Please?

@brentdthacker  The only thing that could make this cooler is if @EmmanuelMacron walked out of kitchen carrying 3 beers!

@BlueWaveYes   These are decent, honorable, highly intelligent leaders. Such a contrast. Sigh.

@Turntablez  So much awesome sitting at one table!

@bloquehead   Canada would rather have Prez Obama back too!

Trudeau had said he would miss having Barack around last year, but said hed hope Trump would visit Canada after the inauguration.

Image: Former US President Barack Obama and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau at a restaurant in Montreal. The picture was tweeted by the Obama Foundation.
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