I am not a rubber stamp, says Puducherry L-G Kiran Bedi
June 07, 2017  22:45
Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi, caught in a tussle with the V Narayanasamy-led Congress government in the Union Territory, today said she is "not a rubber stamp" and that she is performing her duties as an administrator. 

Her assertion comes amidst her stand-off with the elected government. 

The Lt Governor said it was her "duty" to see files related to the Union Territory.

"I will examine the files because as an administrator it is my responsibility to ensure that there is financial prudence, fairplay, justice and (that) everything is within the budget," she told reporters at the airport in Chennai. 

Bedi alleged that the Puducherry government wanted her to be an "endorser" of their files and a "rubber stamp," but, she said, she would not be so. 

"They just want an endorsement (but) I am not an endorser. I am not a rubber stamp. I am fulfilling my duties as a responsible Lieutenant Governor," she said, adding, she would be failing in her duty if she didn't do that.

She said people of the UT have a "right to seek justice" and were therefore approaching her and she was holding regular grievance reddressal meetings for them. 

"The Lieutenant Governor's office is there to see there is administration and financial prudence," she added.
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