The person Amit Shah speaks to every day (not the PM)
July 13, 2017  16:10
BJP President Amit Shah is often described as the 2nd most powerful man in India, next only to his boss PM Narendra Modi. Tough, combative, acerbic, Shah is certainly no pushover.

The top two men in India's ruling party, the BJP, are also close confidantes and sources say that in the last three years, not a day has gone by when the two men have not met or spoken to each other over the phone.

But the PM now has to vie for his attention and the source of Shah's distraction is not the party or the Opposition, but a three-month old baby.

Shah's granddaughter, Rudri. 

For the past three months Shah 'speaks' to this new entrant into his family every single day, at least two times a day. He has to hear her voice over the phone, or see her on Skype or Facetime with her. And yes, this correspondent has been witness to Shah's baby talk his granddaughter.

We hear he has been teaching the baby to say the three magic words -- Jai Shri Ram.
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