Rs 131 crore lost in Manipur flood
July 12, 2017  14:56
Manipur suffered a loss of around Rs 131 crore in the floods since cyclone Mora hit the state in late May, a senior officer said today.

"The state lost nearly Rs 131 crore because of loss of property and other damage done by floods and related incidents like landslides," Principal Secretary (Relief and Disaster Management) MH Khan told PTI.

The flood crisis and landslides started with cyclone Mora that made landfall on May 29 and, under its influence, came heavy rains that lasted for almost 10 days, he said. This was later followed by torrential rains and storms lasting for 10 more days in mid-June and the situation worsened when incessant rains began on June 29.

These caused severe damage to property, agricultural land, road transportation sector and others, he said adding that a memorandum has been sent to the Centre asking for assistance.

All the districts of the state has been affected by the floods and Chief Minister N Biren Singh had termed it as a "state calamity". The administration set up 76 relief camps to help 30,000 off flood affected people, Khan said.

Image: A 2015 picture of a flood relief camp in Manipur.
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