Fringe outfit seeks ban on Bigg Boss Tamil
July 12, 2017  20:52
A Hindu outfit today filed a police complaint seeking a ban on reality show 'Bigg Boss' in a Tamil TV channel, hosted by actor Kamal Haasan, alleging that it denigrated Tamil culture. 

The complaint by Hindu Makkal Katchi sought legal action against Haasan and the actors participating in the show that is being telecast on Vijay TV since June 24. 

It alleged that the "Invocation to Tamil mother (Tamil Thaai Vazhthu)" was ridiculed in the show which has offended seven crore Tamil people. 

The participants in the show allegedly conversed in an obscene fashion and sported revealing outfits, the party alleged. 

The complaint sought legal action against the show's host and 14 other actors. 

HMK representatives told reporters that the city police has acknowledged getting their complaint.
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