RSS-BJP men to occupy key positions in president, vice-presidents secretariat
July 11, 2017  16:27
Senior leaders in the BJP and RSS have reason to celebrate.

From August, they say, they will be the real rulers of India with the their men running the Presidents and Vice Presidents office, apart from the Prime Ministers Office which together has been dubbed the teen murti of Delhi.
BJP president Amit Shah is of the opinion that the 2014 mandate which PM Narendra Modi got was for the party to get its man as the President and Vice President of India.

RSS and BJP leaders have quietly begun the task of ensuring their cadre occupy key and maximum positions in the Presidents Secretariat and the Vice Presidents Office.

According to an estimate, there are 25 positions in the Presidents Secretariat, which Amit Shah wants to fill with BJP cadre to assist Presidential nominee Ram Nath Kovind.

Similarly, in the Vice Presidents Secretariat there are 15 senior-level appointments, which are also expected to filled by a combination of BJP and RSS cadre.

BJP leaders openly claim that there will be lots of skeletons from Rajya Sabha Chairperson and vice president Dr Hamid Ansaris office which will be laid bare soon. BJP was keen on a quiet exit of the present dispensation of the Vice Presidents Secretariat, which may not happen.
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