Delhi babus work overtime for Kovinds swearing-in ceremony
July 11, 2017  16:25
The swearing-in ceremony for the 14th President of the republic of India will take place on July 25, 2017 in the Central Hall of Parliament.

With Ram Nath Kovinds winning candidature, officials have a huge responsibility ahead of them to ensure the prestigious swearing-in ceremony takes place without a hitch.

Since it is an elaborate exercise for the government of India, coordination amongst 20 ministries and 10 security agencies are crucial, which is why Union Home Secretary Rajiv Maharishi held a meeting last week.

Sources say that officials are ready and waiting to conduct the ceremony, according to prevalent procedures. The meeting was attended by the Military Secretary to the President of India,

Representatives from the Prime Ministers Office, Central Public Works Department, Director General of Doordarshan, Director General of All India Radio, Deputy Director of the Special Protection Group, the Delhi Commissioner of Police and the Joint Director from the Intelligence Bureau.

This meeting deliberated in detail the upcoming ceremony keeping in mind the 2012 manual of Pranab Mukherjees swearing in ceremony.  A short film on the ceremony also shown.

Major General Anil Khosla, the Military Secretary to the President, also made a presentation on the procession from the main entrance of the Parliament to the Central hall. A full dress rehearsal will be conducted on July 22.
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