Shatrughan: GST in a India where majority don't have PAN cards!
July 03, 2017  17:13
Patna Sahib MP Shatrughan Sinha is all praise for PM Narendra Modi, who he has referred to in the past as a, 'dashing, dynamic  action hero', but sceptical at the same time.

The PM's push to launch GST has evoked mixed feelings in the MP. I am not sure if a majority of Indians understand GST. Weve seen the peril of hasty economic reform and I just hope there wont be confusion over the finer points this time. A large part of the Indian population doesnt know about digitised  banking and taxation. Forget about digitisation, a majority of Indians dont even own a PAN card, Sinha said.

When asked if he was questioning the Prime  Minister or the Finance Minister's decision on GST, Sinha said, Not at all. I am very confident that Modi saab and Jaitley Saab know what theyre doing. I am just not  sure if the public is ready for these radical reforms. I hope and pray they are ready.

--  Subhash K Jha
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