Tax rates may be slashed, says top Modi minister
January 30, 2017  12:59
With less than 48 hours to go for the Union Budget to be presented, the government has dropped a hint that tax rates may be slashed.

Speaking at Budget Aajtak, micro, small and medium enterprises minister Kalraj Mishra said that the Modi government is positive about bringing tax rates down.

"We have received inputs on lowering tax rates. The government would like to incorporate some of the suggestions. The government is committed to keep the common man's interests in mind in the budget," Mishra said.

Responding to a question, the minister described the Modi government's move to ban circulation of old Rs 500, 1000 notes as a positive move which has actually helped people.

"I agree there were issues initially, however, things have improved now. The move had nothing to do with elections. There was no political motice behind it," Mishra said.

"The government's credibility has actually increased after demonetisation," he added. 
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