Err...Look who BJP lists among beneficiaries of nepotism
January 18, 2017  13:19
'Would you have been selling kites had your brother been the prime minister?' asks a video posted by the Bharatiya Janata Party on their Twitter account.

The video shows how all the cousins of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are in ordinary jobs while other political families like the Gandhis, the Yadavs in UP and Lalu's family in Bihar have most of their members in politics.

The video shows that one of PM Modi's cousins sells kites, another is a helper in a gaushala, and another has retired as a fitter in a private company.

But while attacking 'nepotism' by other families, the video also makes a huge blunder.

The slides showing family trees of big political families also contain the names of Union minister Maneka Gandhi and her son, BJP MP from Pilibhit Varun Gandhi.

While that slide runs, the voiceover says, 'Nepotism by the Gandhi family has led to the establishment of a big political empire in this country.'

The video was posted on January 7, and so far, it seems, no one has pointed this out to the BJP's IT cell so far. Not even Maneka or Varun.

IMAGE: Screenshot from the video. Photograph: @BJP4India/Twitter
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