Bihar decides to shut down liquor units too
January 18, 2017  09:58
Almost a year after imposing prohibition in Bihar, the state government has decided to shut down liquor factories, too, reported Satyavrat Mishra in Business Standard.   

The state government on Saturday ordered that the licences of beer and extra-neutral alcohol units and Indian-made foreign-liquor bottling plants will not be renewed in the next financial year.   

As a result of this decision, three beer manufacturing units, 12 bottling plants, and six ENA-making establishments will have to close the shutters before March 31.    

"Six ethanol units would continue to function," an official said, adding if the units whose licences would not be renewed, wish to make non-alcoholic products, that would be permitted.   

Last year, the state government had imposed prohibition, which made sale, purchase, transportation, storing and/or consumption of liquor a non-bailable crime. The punishment begins from 10 years of rigorous imprisonment and goes up to life sentence. 
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