Ad guru Suhel Seth donates Rs 50 lakh to Partition museum
January 18, 2017  10:38
Indian advertising guru and author Suhel Seth has become one of the largest individual donors and supporters of India's first Partition Museum, being set up at Amritsar Town Hall in Punjab.   

Seth donated Rs 50 lakhs towards a gallery within the museum to be dedicated to his parents, Shub and Jogendra Seth.   

"Partition has affected Punjab, Bengal and the world in so many ways -- and this is the only museum in the world that is dedicated to the events of 1947. The ramifications of Partition continue till today," he said.   

The Partition Museum, a project entirely funded by public donations raised by UK-based Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust, claims to be attracting up to 1,000 visitors daily ever since the inauguration of a curtain raiser exhibition on October last year.   

The visitors include Partition survivors and their families, VIPs, and tourists, both foreign and Indian, the museum said in a statement.
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