India alone cannot walk the path of peace: PM Modi
January 17, 2017  18:53
Prime Minister Narendra Modi told 65 nations participating in the flagship geo-political conference "Raisina Dialogue" that will deliberate on strategic issues including new challenges and cyber security.

Here are highlights from his speech:

-- It's a great privilege to speak to you at the inauguration of second edition of the Raisina Dialogue

-- World needs India's sustained rise as much as India needs world. Our desire to change country has an indivisible link with external world

-- Non state actors are significant contributors to the spread of challenges we face

-- We need to guard against any inclination that promotes exclusion, specially in Asia

-- Security of our citizens is of paramount importance.Self interest alone is not in our culture or behaviour

-- Our economic & political rise is factor for peace, stability and growth in region and in the world

-- A thriving well integrated neighbourhood is my dream

-- I had also travelled to Lahore but India alone cannot walk the path of peace

-- Pakistan must walk away from terror if it wants to walk towards dialogue with India

-- In the management of our relationship and for peace and progress, we need to show sensitivity and respect for our core concerns

-- Those in our neighbours who support violence, hatred and export terror stand isolated and ignored
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