Swamy calls Rajinikanth 'illiterate', mocks his decision of joining politics
December 31, 2017  11:05
The Bharatiya Janata Party's Subramaniam Swamy on Sunday mocked superstar Rajinikanth's announcement on entering politics and dubbed him as illiterate.

The BJP leader said, "One more film star is entering politics, so what is the fuss about? Maybe he has got good media managers. It is just a joke. He said he will announce the party later. He is a film star and he said he can eliminate corruption. Can film stars even eliminate corruption? What will he do for Tamil Nadu? He has no details or documents, he is illiterate".

He added that it is only media hype as people of Tamil Nadu are intelligent enough to understand politics.

"Merely through media these film stars cannot do politics. Once he announces his party and puts anti-corruption issue in front, the truth will come out and he will run away. I don't know if the BJP will support him but I will definitely oppose this," Swamy asserted.

-- ANI
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