Censor Board clears Padmavati with cuts, wants title changed
December 30, 2017  14:16
JUST IN: The Central Board of Film Certification had an examining committee meeting on December 28 to review Padmavati.

The board has decided to give it U/A certificate, along with some modifications and a likely change of the title to the film.

The certificate to be issued once required and agreed modifications are made.

'The film was approached with a balanced view, keeping in mind both the filmmakers and society. Considering complexities and concerns around the film the requirement for a special panel was felt by the CBFC to add perspective to the final decision,' the CBFC said in a statement.

'The special panel consisted of Arvind Singh from Udaipur, Dr Chandramani Singh and Prof K K Singh of Jaipur University. The panel members had insights and also some reservations regarding claimed historical events and socio-cultural aspects which were duly discussed at length,' the CBFC said. -- ANI

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