New Forest Bill excludes bamboo from being defined under 'tree'
December 21, 2017  09:47
The Lok Sabha on Wednesday passed the Indian Forest (Amendment) Bill, 2017.The bill was tabled in the Lok Sabha and will put an end to the need for getting permission to transport bamboo.

The Bill was introduced by Environment Minister Harsh Vardhan.According to the bill's Statement of Objects and Reasons, section 2 the Act would be amended to exclude the word "bamboos" from the definition of tree, in order to spare bamboos grown in non-forest area from the requirement of permit for felling or transit under the law.

This would "encourage bamboo plantation by farmers resulting in the enhancement of their income from agricultural fields," the bill said.

The amendment will also encourage farmers to take up block plantation of suitable bamboo species on degraded land. -- ANI
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