BJP came through by the skin of its teeth: Shatrughan
December 20, 2017  10:03
BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha‏  @ShatruganSinha tweets: "Far from becoming a Congress-mukt Bharat as many would like to shout from roof tops, there was almost the possibility of an upset right in the home base of our one man show & two man army...

"This was a real touch & go election because we hear that in 16 Seats, the INC lost with a margin of less than 3000. -Botad-906 -Dobhai-2839 -Dhokla-327 -Fatepura-2711 -Gariadhar-1876  -Godhra-236 -Himat nagar-1712 -Khambhat-2318 -Matar-2406 -Porbandar-1855 -Prantij-2551 -Rajkot rural-2179 -Umreth-1883-Vagra-2370 -Vijapur-1164  -Visnagar-2869.

"Our party came through by the skin of its teeth... Better booth & other management was probably the key...A true wake up call...and time for us to realise that there is no substitute to real & genuine development of one and all...Long live BJP. Jai Hind..!"
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