I heard a loud noise and ran out: Mumbai building crash survivor
August 31, 2017  17:27
Twenty-five-year-old Mohammed Rafiq had a hairbreadth escape as he managed to dash out of the dilapidated Husaini Building in Bhendi Bazaar moments before it collapsed, leaving at least 16 dead.

"I had come to collect my belongings last night before leaving for my native place in Uttar Pradesh this morning. I ran out as soon as I heard a loud noise," Rafiq said.

Some people in his room were brushing teeth when they heard cries outside, "Run... the building is about to crumble." "I dont know how many people were there in the building. I ran out immediately. My mobile phone and bag remained inside, but I am relieved that I am alive," he said.

Another man, living in the opposite building, said, "The incident happened at around 8.30 am. There was a big noise. When we heard it, we came out and saw that the building had crumbled like a pack of cards."

People in the ill-fated building were occupying the second, fourth and fifth floors, while some workers were living on the ground floor, he said. "There was a playgroup in that building which opens around 9 am, so thankfully there were no children around there," he said.

"People used to stay on the ground floor shops and godowns. Workers in the Tawakkal Mithaiwala sweet shop on the ground floor also stayed there," he said. "There was a 10-day old boy who was with the Lifewala family on the second floor," claimed a resident of the locality. Another resident claimed that six members of one Chasmawala family were also in the building when it collapsed. "The family included three men, two women and a three- year-old boy," he said.
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