Mumbai records highest August day rain since 1997
August 29, 2017  23:36
The metropolis today recorded 298 mm of rainfall, the highest in a day in August since 1997, according to data from the India Meteorological Department.
The Santacruz weather station gauged a whopping 298 mm of precipitation. This was second only to 346.2 mm of rainfall registered on August 23, 1997, the data showed.
The IMD's Mumbai unit has data on rainfall since 1974.
The figures recorded at the Santacruz weather station in the suburbs represent the overall figure for Mumbai. The department also has a station in Colaba, which is representative of south Mumbai.
"Today's rainfall was extremely heavy. Rains are likely to be heavy tomorrow as well and may abate by late afternoon.
"We are closely watching the rainfall and its pattern. People are surprised as heavy rainfall in Mumbai is generally witnessed during June and July," Ajay Kumar, director, Regional Meteorological Centre, Mumbai, told PTI.
The IMD said the well-marked low pressure area over the Mumbai region is likely to be upgraded to "depression", which would mean more rains. 

Photograph: PTI Photo
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