What I do, where I go, what time I go, is my business: Varnika Kundu
August 08, 2017  15:42
Refusing to succumb to political attacks launched at her, Varnika Kundu, the victim of alleged stalking and harassing by two men, including Vikas Barala, son of BJP Haryana unit President Subhash Barala, lashed out at her critics, saying nobody had the right to point fingers at her character, and the time of the incident.

"Where I go at what time, and what I do is none of anybody's business. This should not be a means of judging any woman's character. When a man does certain things, nobody questions him. But when a woman decides to do the same thing, society immediately begins to assault her character. I think women need to fiercely oppose such mentality," Varnika told ANI.

Varnika fell prey to the recent trend of pictures and videos being made viral on social media, when a few snaps of her came to light on various social media platforms. Subsequently, Varnika faced flak for the same, including accusations of her painting a different picture of the incident compared to the reality.

However, refusing to succumb to this form of victim-shaming, Varnika vehemently opposed to being affected by such 'blatant lies', adding that there was nothing illegal or objectionable in those photographs.

"These kind posts shouldn't be dignified with a response. However, I would like to say that it is a very watered-down attempt to scare me, but I refuse to be affected by it. Such comments being made say more about them than me," she opined.

Vikas Barala was arrested on August 5 on the charges of stalking and harassing the IAS officer's daughter in Chandigarh. He was, however, granted bail on the same day.

A case was registered by the Chandigarh Police against Vikas and other youth under under Section 354 D (stalking) of the Indian Penal Code and Section 185 (Motor Vehicle Act) of the CRPC on the basis of complaint filed by the woman.

Narrating the horrific ordeal, Varnika had told the media she was lucky for not being the daughter of a common man.

"I'm lucky, it seems, to not be the daughter of a common man, because what chance would they have against such VIPs? I'm also lucky, because I'm not lying raped and murdered in a ditch somewhere," she had written in a Facebook post.

Meanwhile, Subhash Barala, finally broke his silence over his son and asserted that he is not using his political influence to pressurize the investigation in the matter.

He further said that Varnika, who was stalked by his son, is like his daughter and he will cooperate to bring justice to her.

"Investigation is being done in Varnika Kundu case. Whatever action is required it will be taken against Vikas in this case. BJP bats for daughter's freedom and Varnika Kundu is like my daughter. Neither I nor BJP is pressuring anyone in this matter," he told ANI exclusively.

Earlier in the day, it was reported that the CCTV footage, which was earlier deemed unavailable, has been recovered today.

Image: Varnika Kundu's Facebook page
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