Why BJP is happy over Yechury's exit from RS
August 01, 2017  15:44
Mayawati has resigned from the Rajya Sabha. Sitaram Yechury's term will soon be over, and Sharad Yadav will now sit along with the BJP and not with the opposition, as the Janata Dal-United has decided to join the NDA.   
Senior Union ministers heave a sigh of relief over these changes. Reason being, Mayawati, Yechury and Yadav were posing a lot of political problems to the treasury benches by basically acting as a glue for the Opposition.   

With Yechury not in the Rajya Sabha from the winter session, the CPM may cease to be the main attraction for Opposition unity. While he is expected to continue his efforts to coordinate opposition strategy outside the house, what observers say is that offering quick solutions to political issues will be difficult.   

Nothing beats walking across the benches for a quick confabulation, after all.
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