The Dawn's watershed moment
October 13, 2016  10:26
The editorial in Dawn is seen as another watershed moment for media in Pakistan's complicated civil-military balance and coincided with the 74th anniversary of the first issue of the country's oldest English daily.

It was on October 12, 1942, that the first issue of the Dawn newspaper, then the mouthpiece of the Muslim League and edited by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was published from Delhi's Latifi Press as a daily. Less than a year ago -- on October 26, 1941 -- Dawn had been launched as a weekly, making this the diamond jubilee year of the media group.

Some social media users reminded Indian journalists condemning the treatment meted out to Dawn journalist Cyril Almeida of the hypocrisy of a section of their colleagues who have been reluctant to ask questions and eager to serve as cheerleaders of the government. Read more
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