I will cancel Paris deal, says Trump
October 13, 2016  08:24
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has said he will cancel the historic Paris Climate deal if voted to power as the agreement would cost the United States economy $5.3 trillion (Rs 3.5 lakh crore) and 'skyrocket' electricity prices.

Speaking at an election rally in Florida, Trump said he will create jobs all across America and provide cheaper energy to people, especially farmers.

"I believe so much in the environment. Believe it or not, people are shocked -- I've won many environmental awards. Many. But the Paris deal, supported by Hillary, will cost our country another $5.3 trillion over a period of time and skyrocket electricity prices," Trump said.

"We will cancel this deal so that our companies can compete. We want clean beautiful air. We want crystal clear water. That's what we want. We want to be able to do business throughout the world, not so that we cant compete because of these crazy deals that our president is making," he said.

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