SIMI men were unarmed during encounter: ATS chief
November 02, 2016  14:44
Just in: ATS chief of Madhya Pradesh police, Sanjeev Shami, says the eight SIMI men who were shot dead by the police, were unarmed during the encounter.

Speaking to NDTV, the ATS chief says while the men had no weapons on them while the encounter was taking place, they were dreaded criminals and the police can fire if there is a possibility of escape. 

The eight men who were gunned down hours after they escaped from a jail in Bhopal were each shot at least twice, some of them in the back, according to post-mortem reports.

The reports reveal that the men sustained multiple entry and exit wounds on the bodies of the deceased and also that majority of the wounds were on the torso.

The clothes of the slain SIMI suspects killed in the encounter have been sent for forensic test to ascertain the distance from which they were shot.

On Tuesday, a united opposition sought an impartial probe into the death of the SIMI activists even as the government strongly defended the deaths of the "dreaded terrorists".

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