Pilots can secure licences online from June 15
May 12, 2016  21:38
Securing a pilot's licence is now going to be just a click away as the aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation is likely to make completely online 18 major services of the 162 identified as part of the e-GCA project.
Majority of these relate to approvals including for flight safety procedures, training and licensing, engineering and flight operations, among others.
E-Governance for Civil Aviation envisages online service delivery, automation of the systems and processes at the back-end and implementation of required IT infrastructure and service delivery framework.
As many as 18 services including the process of securing pilot's licence is set to go online from June 15 as part of the first phase of the e-GCA project, a senior Civil Aviation Ministry official said on Thursday.
As of now, majority of these functions are either manual or partially online.
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