Donald Trump will not be president: George Clooney
May 12, 2016  19:35
Donald Trump may be the presumptive Republican nominee but Hollywood superstar George Clooney is confident that he will not be elected as the next United States president.
Clooney, 55, currently at the Cannes Film Festival to promote his upcoming release "Money Monster", has criticised Trump in the past too.
"There's not going to be a president Donald Trump. It's not going to happen because fear is not going to be something that drives our country," the actor said at the Cannes press conference.
"Trump is actually a result of much of the news programs (that) didn't follow up and ask questions. It is so easy because your numbers go up when you can just show an empty podium and say 'Trump is about to speak.' 24-hour news doesn't mean you get more news, it means you get the same news more," he added.
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