Hillary creates history as 1st woman White House nominee
July 27, 2016  04:18
Taking her place in history, Hillary Clinton became the first woman in history to be nominated by a major party for president after Democratic Party delegates cast their votes in her favour on Tuesday.

Delegates chanted Hillary, Hillary, as US Senator Barbara Mikulski put Clintons name forward for a state-by-state roll call at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia.

After a long battle with US Senator Bernie Sanders, Clinton has more than enough delegates needed to win the vote and be the standard bearer for the party against Republican nominee Donald Trump at the Nov. 8 election.

Sanders has endorsed Clinton, a former secretary of state and first lady, but some of his supporters have protested in Philadelphia against her and the party establishment for seeming to back her during the bitter Democratic primary fight.

The nominating process on Tuesday was expected to take around two hours. Sanders name was also put forward for nomination but he does not have the delegates to win.

Supporters of Clinton, who was also a US senator and first lady to President Bill Clinton, say her Washington credentials show she has the experience needed for the White House during troubled times as the United States tries to speed up its economic recovery and faces security challenges abroad.
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