Pokemon Go takes over town near North Korean border
July 24, 2016  20:48
Smartphones raised, brows furrowed, Pokemon Go zombies in a world of their own have taken over the streets of Sokcho -- and the game isn't even available in this country yet.

The seaside city of Sokcho in South Korea is 35 kilometers away from the DMZ or demilitarized zone which splits North and South Korea.

This is the only area in South Korea you can play the augmented reality game that has swept the world, largely thanks to a technical loophole.

This northeastern tip of South Korea lies just outside the index grids the game's developers use to geographically block the country.

Thousands of South Koreans are making the pilgrimage here to play. Special Pokemon Go buses leave Seoul daily and the seats sell out in advance.

Park Yeon-joon says he was fed up with watching friends from the United States post their Pokemon achievements on Facebook so when he found out he could play three and a half hours away from Seoul, he didn't hesitate.

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